Our products


For over 70 years now we have been building special machinery for CUTTING – WELDING – PUNCHING – WINDING and the following pages are meant to give you a general view of our manufacturing programme.


All our machines and products are subject to continual improvement and are kept up to technical standard, including the ever-increasing demands on working-safety. This applies in particular to the range of MOLEY® roll slitters: there have been substantial improvements in performance, handling and working safety.


For decades the “drawing cut” principle has proved the most efficient way of roll cutting for most fabrics. It works with straight knife blades, stationary circular blades or stiletto type knives.

To cut displaceable (soft wound) rolls without loss of material (e.g. non-woven, textile, insulation/adhesive tapes etc.).


Here you will find useful accessories for your MOLEY® for loading and unloading, stretching the roll and a small tool, which prevents collapsing of narrow reels.


Welding (sealing) equipment for thermoplastic films for many applications.
Be it a bag of coal or the finished precious diamond – anything can be sealed dust and waterproof – there is a suitable type and size with a Polystar®.


Roller puncher for punching, stamping or coating – specially suitable for small quantities/punching capacity. For punching cardboard, smooth plastic parts, leather and other materials, finishing/trimming of vacuum- and blow-moulded parts or coating.


Winding machine for changing sides of fabric, winding rolls to specific material lengths and/or alteration of winding tension; suitable for adhesive fabrics and film. Ideally complementing MOLEY® roll slitter.