Automatic winding machine for changing sides of fabric, winding rolls to specific material lengths and/or alteration of winding tension; suitable for adhesive fabrics and film.


Ideally complementing MOLEY® roll slitter, with tension control, edge alignment, length measuring devices and winding shafts all available in varying executions to suit most different requirements.


For winding almost all web-shaped materials (e. g. nonwoven, felt, fabric, foils, paper, tarpaulin, etc.)


Equipment / Technical data

  • Electrics according to Euronorm EN 60204/1
  • Programmable Logical Controls – Type Siemens S7
  • Construction/execution conforming to Eurostandard ‘CE’
  • Winding shafts suitable for use as cutting shafts (fitting material shaft reception of MOLEY® roll slitter)
  • Working width: 1600 to 3000 mm – as required
  • Winding-Ø: 500 mm (assuming core Øi 76 mm) – Wind-off-Ø 500 mm (larger if required)
  • Dimensions (approx. – for working width 1600 mm): Length 3,50 x Width (depth) 1,50 x Height 2,00 m – Weight: ca. 800 kg
  • Operating voltage: 400 V – 3 PE – 50 Hz – 20 A   – Compressed air: 6-7 bar

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