Here you will find useful accessories for your MOLEY® for loading and unloading, stretching the roll and a small tool, which prevents collapsing of narrow reels.

Loading aid THW 3SEB


Loading aid for MOLEY® roll slitter – for easy, safe and speedy loading and unloading of rolls.

Knife Grinding Machine MOLETTE


For re-sharpening of straight MOLEY®-Knives Type A and C (available for non-serrated or serrated grinding).

Counter disc GHS


Counter disc for MOLEY®roll slitter – prevents telescoping/collapsing of narrow reels.

Safety foot switch


Safety foot switch for wrapping the material roll tightly (“stretch in”) before cutting by winding an adhesive film spirally around it along the whole length increases the overall roll stability.

Dust extractor SAUGBOY 180

Dust extractor Saugboy 180

The dust extractor SAUGBOY 180 is the ideal accessory for cutting hard wound materials with a circular saw blade. A proven, simple and inexpensive solution if there is no central extraction system available on site.