Counter disc GHS

Counter disc GHS

Prevents the telescoping/collapsing of narrow reels during cutting.
Counter holding plate of plastic/aluminum with safety-locking device
for cardboard core or roll diameter as required.

Easy to use – fast and easy mounting: the open disc is put around
the shaft on the free end of the loaded material roll and looked.


The strong fastening clamp holds the counter-disc securely in
position. Even smallest reels of loosely wound fabrics are upheld
safely – telescoping or collapsing is reliably prevented.


A must-have accessory for daily practice.


Equipment / Technical data

  • Solid and easy to handle – can be mounted on shaft after loading
    of material roll
  • Available for all roll diameters, for large diameters in perforated
    execution (weight reduction)
  • interchangeable inserts for different core inside diameters
  • Weight (for roll Ø 400 mm – PKØi 50/76 mm) approx. 1.0 kg

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