Roller Punching Machine with punching-bridge and circumferential punching sleeve for efficient punching in multiple layers of rolled or non-rolled materials, vacuum and die parts.


High performance and long lasting due to solid, robust construction. Particularly efficient two-way operation (i.e. execution of one punching operation in each direction – no empty return travel).


Clean, precise cutting edges (even when punching with multiple layers or foam) due to pre-compression of fabric.


Suitable for virtually all materials (plastic, rubber, textile, non-wovens, foam, sheet metal etc.) as well as all common punching tools.


Equipment / Technical data

  • Electrics according to Euronorm EN 60204/1
  • Construction/execution conforming to Eurostandard ‘CE’
  • Use of mixed punching tools possible (different size/type/length)
  • Punching principle “rotation punching” (patented) with six more punching cylinders
  • Open or closed punching bridge for material width passage; passage height adjustable
  • Loading/feeding manual or automatic (motor)
  • Punching pressure adjustable (motorised) up to 3 t
  • Punching surface (width x length): standard 800 x 1500 mm, 800 x 2500 mm, 1250 x 1500 mm or special sizes
  • Operating voltage: 400 V – 3 PE – 50 Hz – 16 A

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